How to use Eggies — a tutorial of magicality

Step one: take pictures of the Eggies set.

Step 2: Put oil on the Eggies

Step 3: Put Eggs inside Eggies

Step 4: Boil

Step 5: Remove Eggies from water

Step 6: Remove eggs from Eggies and serve as desired.

Have fun, peoples!


  1. Jimmy · August 10, 2011

    How did you get them to stay upright in the water? Mine flipped over, and half of them popped their tops. the mess in my pan was horrible.

    • koatmeal · August 10, 2011

      Did you fill the Eggies all the way up with egg? I had trouble getting the eggs into the Eggies, and had a lot of air left in them.

      • Jimmy · August 10, 2011

        I put one egg in each of the eggies, but they were medium eggs, so there was a lot of air. Could that cause it?

  2. sang · August 10, 2011

    I think boil the whole egg with pressure cooker better than eggies. save time easy to pull eggs

  3. Penny · August 10, 2011

    oh my that is too funny…I haven’t tried mine yet…I have little hope now:)

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