India Day (or overly peppy ramblings)

In honor of a pretty day, the fact that I talked to Ash last night, and the fact that it’s so cold I want it to be India-warm again, I declared today India day.


I dressed myself up in my turquoise floral punjabi top paired with my amazing forest green corduroy jegging pant things, I donned my anklets once again, threw on that necklace Bhavya gave me, and tossed on my beat up TOMS. I didn’t slather coconut oil in my hair, though.

In chapel, during “Shout Hallelujah” I may or may not have danced a little in honor and memory of my sweet sisters and dear brothers who completely give themselves over to worship. Since I was tapping my toe and I’m wearing jingly anklets, I guess I was playing some strange form of instrument, too. (I probably scandalized everyone that saw/heard me.)

At lunch, there was lentil soup. It was the closest thing in the cafeteria to Indian food. I may or may not have eaten most of my soup with my right hand and several pieces of bread… You know… Normal eating habits.

I walked around campus listening to “Salaam-e-Ishq”

Here’s my take on India Day: I loved India… It was beautiful and life altering. I wanted to honor and remember that time. Also, I wanted to get excited about something, because I don’t really see a ton of excitement that isn’t tied to social clubs… Mind you, social club excitement isn’t bad, it’s just not the type of thing I get excited about.

India Day was an exciting thing for me.

The more excitement I see in everyday things, the less I worry about stupid college student things. Things like bad test scores and forgetting things in my room at the beginning of the day. If I let them, the exciting things, like India Day are so much more overwhelming than the not so great stuff. In that same vein, if I let them, the nasty things, like impending deadlines, will cause me to stop seeing the exciting and beautiful things.

The sun is shining. Life is beautiful.

Even if it was a rainy day, life would still be beautiful because there are still discoveries to be made and experiences to be found. (Or as my friend Katelyn says, “Because adventure.”)


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