Hear Me.

I’ve loved you

I chose you for my own

I rebuilt your torn down city

But you chose for me

Half-dead wondering sacrifice

Your priests built for me

Temples made of useless wealth

Made of violated wisdom

I’ve become your burden

I’ve taken the place of oppression

Tied tightly to your backs

You sniff at me like dogs

But even dogs bring their masters gifts

Shut my doors so I won’t smell your lies

You come to appease me

With your limping animals

With your mercilessly kept laws

I’ve not changed





Yet you rob me —

Bleed me dry

And you ask how;

What have we done?

And then turn to the other gods you’ve wed

You walk with them in faith

You walk clothed in violence

But come

Walk clothed in My essence

Stop asking where I’ve gone

As you walk away from Me

Hear Me

I’ve loved you

You are Mine

My promises are coming

They will refine you in fire

I will rebuild you from ashes

And My name will be great