Dependence Day.

[Caution: Sap Alert!]


Dear Jared,

Happy Dependence Day!


I can’t believe it’s already been a whole year since we got married. I still feel giddy when I roll over in the middle of the night and realize you are sleeping beside me, or when I realize that I could have married anyone, but somehow, I was lucky enough to end up with you. I’m so glad you’re my husband. You rock, Homie.


I’m thankful for all the ways that you work so hard to provide for us. Thank you for the long days you put in at the factory — even when it’s the absolute last thing you’d like to be doing. (Especially the months you had to be at work by 5 in the morning, and the thing you would’ve liked to do instead was sleep.) I see your hard work, and I cherish it.

Photo Jul 01, 1 44 41 PM

I love what a beautiful friend you are… to me, and to the people that are around you. You’re sincere, supportive, and kind. You’re excellent at listening to what people have to say, and at encouraging them, and being honest with them. You know how to have fun, but you can also have deep, intelligent conversations that make us all think at things in an entirely new light.


Your sense of humor is my favorite of all the senses of humor. You make fantastic Bible-themed jokes and puns, and you know how to tease me better than anyone I know. And you sometimes laugh at my jokes, too. 😉 I’m also really glad that your humor extends to CarTalk. (That’s actually more special to me than I can really express) I love that you love to laugh with me, and I’m so glad that we’ve spent most of our first year laughing and enjoying being around each other.

Photo May 18, 9 30 15 PM

You’re one of the most gentle, patient humans I’ve ever met. You never yell at me if you’re mad at me. You never make me feel stupid if I think about something differently than you. You bear with me when I am hurt or scared or anxious about something. You listen to all the things I have to say, no matter how nonsensical or irrational I happen to be at that moment. Thank you for always being willing to offer me a hug, even if we are in the middle of an argument. You make me feel loved and valuable.


With you, going to the grocery store is just as much of an adventure as going on a hike or taking a road trip. The smallest moments are ones for laughing at each other being strange, discussing big things, singing along to acapella worship music in the car, (and skipping all the lame songs they decided to put on the CD) or having dinner and Grumps. (Seriously, I’m thrilled you eat my cooking. It does a number for my ego.)


Year one has been amazing beyond words. Thank you for loving me so much and for being the best friend and partner I could ask for. I pray that in year two, we will grow even closer as we follow the call of Jesus, that we will continue to learn ways we can love each other more deeply, and that we will reflect his face as we walk on together.

Photo Jun 04, 6 45 12 PM

In lieu of all the things I’d love to say, but don’t know how to express with words: Thank you for you.


You make my nose crinkle.

Here’s to the next 365.25 days as Mr. and Mrs. Mills.