That weird girl that we all love.

This is Gina:

She's pretty, huh?

I love Gina so so much. Every single one of my siblings loves her too. They get more excited about her than they do about two boxes of donuts… (Trust me. It happened once.)

Gina came to the beach with us and I am so happy that she did. This week has been filled with so much more happiness because of her. Days filled with hair playing, wave jumping, Ferry rides, inside jokes, and serious middle of the night whisper talks. Gina makes my world a considerably brighter place.

Gina, I love you! Don’t ever go away, please!


Adventures with Becky.

 So far, Becky has gone on adventures with me every weekend this month.  Here are some of them.  Week one — June 3rd: Pool party

This is Becky and some food.

This is me carefully applying sunscreen to Becky's pale skin.

This is Japanese Joe with Becky.

This is Becky being dangled over the water.

Week Two– June 9-11 Homeschool convention

Becky helped me at the Homeschool convention.

 Week 3– June 17-20

Birthday Party

Becky got to hang out in the cooler for a little while.

Why wouldn't I feed Becky cake? What kind of friend do I look like?

Becky was a big hit at my birthday party.

My pop even got into it.


I'm making a funny face and Becky is just kind of smiling, I guess.


This is Becky at the beach, 'painting' on the dock with B.


This is Becky almost blowing away.