This is Dylan:

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Xbox 360


Teppanyaki and also turning 16.


Happy birthday little brother!


I just baked these

My mommy prepared the dough and my dear friend Ashlie gave me instructions over the phone on how to properly prepare Artisan Bread.

Girly girls being all girly and junk.

So… Last Friday, April 22nd, I got to get all gussied up. After I got all gussied up, I went, with my mom and two of my sisters, to a ballet.

WARNING: If you are a boy the next few moments will be completely irrelevant to you. If you want to stop reading now, I will forgive you.

Here are a list of events.

  1. We all got dressed up.
  2. We left the house about ten minutes later than intended.
  3. Headed downtown.
  4. Walked through the rain.
  5. Bought cute flowerdy umbrellas at a cute little store.
  6. Walked through the rain under the new umbrellas.
  7. Made it to Hamilton’s in time for our pre-ballet dinner reservation.
  8. We sat next to cute little middle aged ladies who were also going to the ballet.
  9. My mom almost burned the restaurant down with only an empty sugar packet and a small candle.
  10. We took pictures of stuff.
  11. Received and ate foodstuffs. (Fettuccine for dinner. Chocolate Many Ways for dessert.)
  12. Reapplied lipstick.
  13. Headed to the loverly Paramount theater.
  14. Sat in awesome seats and watched women in tutus and men in tights jeté gracefully across the stage.
  15. Walked back to the car (It was still raining.)
  16. Drove home very very happy.

Now it’s time for pictures… You get to see how cute we are.

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