Prom 2012

[For any of you that were wondering, Phebe made my dress again this year.]

Prom this year can be summed up in two words unforgettably remarkable.

My ‘escort’ (Because I am old fashioned like that) was my very good friend Ben. We did all the fun cool prom-like things like boutonnieres and corsages.

We posed for some pictures

And then my mom made me pose for some more.

Then we went out to eat at the Flaming Wok where Ben tried shrimp for the first time. (Yes. I was very excited.)

From there we were chauffeured in my Pop’s oh-so-elegantly-classy mini-van to the Catholic church. (Because where else would homeschoolers have a prom?)

After that, we danced the night away, and had a darn good time doing it.

It was a super awesome special night that will be hard to forget. (Hopefully I won’t get hit on the head by a rock and get amnesia.)

Ben, thanks for making prom so awesome!


Sweet Esther

This is Esther:

Esther has stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She is only 16.

Today, she has her first round of chemotherapy. Pray for her…

That she will stay strong physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Pray that others will see unconventional beauty through her sweet smile and her vibrant, loving spirit.

And pray for all of us as we embark on this journey alongside of her and her family.

To: My Most Favorite Smurf

Oh, meet me in the graveyard

And we’ll count the ones we know

Meet me in the graveyard

And we can drone on about our lives

Because we’re friends

Mutually blessed

And excited to live

Till again we meet

When we’ll walk to the graveyard

And lay down forever

And chat the days and nights away

And we still won’t care what people think

Because we meet our own expectations

And we are who we decide to be

So, meet me in the graveyard

So I can sing with you.


These ears

They’re not blind

They smell the poverty around them.

They taste the hunger

And feel the need


These Eyes

Oh! These eyes have never been deaf

To that most distinct scent

Of hurt and loss

And hopelessness


My senses aren’t numb

To the world’s great lack

I possess awareness

Of what I have

And others don’t


More than anything, I long to be here:

I long with all my heart to be in all these places, but I know that more than all of that, I want to be where God wants me to be. I don’t know where I will end up, but I do know this.

I am to radiate, to reflect, to spread God’s beautiful light as He refines my heart.

My Pop

Often I am baffled that God has given me such a wonderful Father. There are not words that I can come up with that will adequately express how much he means to me… and frankly, I think if I tried, I would end up frustrated.

Sometimes I find myself laugh-crying all the time because of things he has said… And sometimes I find myself pondering deeply the things that he has told me.

Knowing that I’ve got a Pop who loves his family and who adores Jesus is such a blessing to me.

Thanks, Pop.

[Yes, this was sappy cheesy, but I think I’m allowed to be sappy cheesy every once in a while.]


Baptism is an outward sign of an inward change.

We have laid our lives down — Buried them in the grave. After we have been washed with the blood of Christ, we are made new.

“I have been crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in me.” Galatians 2:20





For Mrs. Gorby

I love my writing class. Have I ever mentioned that? If not, shame on me.

Here’s what I am writing right now. It is kind of a spin off of C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters.

Dearest Akathartos,

I am overjoyed to hear about your first assignment. This will be a season in which to learn strategy and observe the behaviors of the things ‘made in the image of God.’ This is the first and most critical of all the council with which I will present you: do not, in any way, create disarray of your current situation. The first patient is always a learning experience. You will, numerous times, experience great blunders and suffer greatly for them. So long as you are completely aware of this and you are ready to take responsibility for your stupidity, I am fairly certain you will come out nearly unscathed. Your initial assignment is one that holds great possibilities. The sons and daughters of those in ministry have abounding amounts of potential, though one miniscule indiscretion on your part and they could be eternally rooted to the path of our foe.

Let us take a minute to discuss the prospects of the circumstance in which you presently find yourself. The human to whom you have been assigned is the daughter of two ministering people. She can easily be persuaded that her parents’ ministry is strictly that of her parents. They have been given a ‘calling’ that does not pertain to her in any way and it is everything she can do to reside in their house for the next few years. However, when the opportune moment presents itself, she will be precipitously hastening, suitcases in check, for the front door of her parents’ home.

These are only the first two paragraphs. I have more, I just don’t want to share them yet.

Let me know what you think… Comment away, please!

Because you wish you could be awesome like us.

I have a friend. (big surprise, huh?) She is a lovely soul.  We’ll call her Florence, because that’s a pretty name. Last night, she and I had a magical time… It involved tire swings, country girl boots, and skipping through a field holding hands in the dark… You all just wish you could bring such magicalities into being. As always, there was photo documentation, tho’ not as much as there usually is… We were too busy having fun and laughing till our bellies hurt.