And the winner is….

The winner is comment number 3

Thank you for participating, everyone!

Jordan, this book will show you how to make good choices. 😉


Goings on

The back of your head is ridiculous!!

I think I’m gonna start doing hair tutorials. If you are a boy and you read this blog… Do not worry. There will be a separate page devoted to this specific endeavor. There will still be normal blog posts/poems/pictures. There will just be hair tutorials too… in a different ‘section’ of the blog… that you don’t even have to pay attention to. Sound okay?

Also, the super awesome giveaway  will be accepting no new entries after 11:59 tomorrow night. Hurry up if you want an awesome book.

Now… On with my day.

But before you go, I thought you’d like to see this.

I found this picture and it made me laugh. Check them out. They’re awesome… We like them.

Super deep giveaway question

What are the wisest words someone has ever shared with you?

Giveaway item:

This book.

You all have until Tuesday to answer this question. I only picked Tuesday because Tuesday is ‘the anniversary of my birth’ as Pop would say.

K, I love you. Buh bye!