And the winner is….

The winner is comment number 3

Thank you for participating, everyone!

Jordan, this book will show you how to make good choices. ūüėČ


Goings on

The back of your head is ridiculous!!

I think I’m gonna start doing hair tutorials. If you are a boy and you read this blog… Do not worry. There will be a separate page devoted to this specific¬†endeavor. There will still be normal blog posts/poems/pictures. There will just be hair tutorials too… in a different ‘section’ of the blog… that you don’t even have to pay attention to. Sound okay?

Also, the super awesome giveaway  will be accepting no new entries after 11:59 tomorrow night. Hurry up if you want an awesome book.

Now… On with my day.

But before you go, I thought you’d like to see this.

I found this picture and it made me laugh.¬†Check them out. They’re awesome… We like them.

Super deep giveaway question

What are the wisest words someone has ever shared with you?

Giveaway item:

This book.

You all have until Tuesday to answer this question. I only picked Tuesday because Tuesday is ‘the anniversary of my birth’ as Pop would say.

K, I love you. Buh bye!