Prom 2012

[For any of you that were wondering, Phebe made my dress again this year.]

Prom this year can be summed up in two words unforgettably remarkable.

My ‘escort’ (Because I am old fashioned like that) was my very good friend Ben. We did all the fun cool prom-like things like boutonnieres and corsages.

We posed for some pictures

And then my mom made me pose for some more.

Then we went out to eat at the Flaming Wok where Ben tried shrimp for the first time. (Yes. I was very excited.)

From there we were chauffeured in my Pop’s oh-so-elegantly-classy mini-van to the Catholic church. (Because where else would homeschoolers have a prom?)

After that, we danced the night away, and had a darn good time doing it.

It was a super awesome special night that will be hard to forget. (Hopefully I won’t get hit on the head by a rock and get amnesia.)

Ben, thanks for making prom so awesome!


Because you wish you could be awesome like us.

I have a friend. (big surprise, huh?) She is a lovely soul.  We’ll call her Florence, because that’s a pretty name. Last night, she and I had a magical time… It involved tire swings, country girl boots, and skipping through a field holding hands in the dark… You all just wish you could bring such magicalities into being. As always, there was photo documentation, tho’ not as much as there usually is… We were too busy having fun and laughing till our bellies hurt.


Caution: By the end of this post, you will think I am much more strange than you already do.

I love school.

I love the writing.

I love the big books.

I love having to exercise my mind.

I love the fact that I know my teachers very well because they are the best and I have had them all for years and years. This year, I don’t have one teacher that I haven’t had before.

Out of four teachers, there is only one that I didn’t have in 5th, 6th, or 7th grade. It makes me a bit sad to think that this will be my last year at the homeschool co-op.

No more Mrs. Gorby teaching good writing habits

No more singing in Mrs. Sawyer’s choir

No more laughing at Mrs. Saville’s crazy antics

But alas, the chapter must come to a close. A new one must be drawn up.

New teachers

New antics

New perspectives

But only a renewed love of learning.

What the future holds.

Today I was reminded of the future as I was looking at the past. I was reminded of how



And even this: 

captured my heart and broke it simultaneously. I was reminded that my life is the mission field. My job is to reach out and love. I am to love those who are broken, those who are whole, those who love back, and those who hate in return.

My life holds the unknown, but what I already know is that I plan to use whatever I do to serve the one who saved me; to bring light to the darkness, and to show the lost that there is a way out of the gruesome maze of life. It’s not all hopelessness.

I plan to serve Jesus in whatever I do.






My Pop is the absolute best!

Today I had a dentist appointment. After the dentist appointment, I helped him work at the farm. I picked some tomatoes, some peppers, and some eggplant. I also planted beets, zucchini, and squash.

Pop has an after farm tradition.  Farm work means cream soda.

This cream soda: 

Today was absolutely no different. Pop pulled into the Greenwood Gourmet Grocery. We went inside and got our cream sodas. As we stood at the counter, waiting for our items to be checked out, I happened to spot this.

“Look, Pop!” I said, “Oatcakes! I think we need a picture!”

Pop: (Picks up package, turns it over in his hands, places it on the counter. Smiles warmly at me.) “Only so you can get a picture.”

“Thanks, Pop!”

Then the lady came and checked our items out.

Then Pop and I walked out of the store laughing about the how the drunk man had only gotten one pocket’s worth of his change. (It’s okay, you don’t actually have to understand…)

I just ate my oatcakes. They were fabulous.

Thank you, Pop! I love you!



The Work Crew

My sisters are strange. So are their friends. For fun, they go out in the hot sun and build things in the woods.

Lately, it’s been a treehouse.

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I thought that you all would like to know that today is Uncle Mike’s birthday.

“What does this mean?” You ask.

“This means that I get to tell him happy birthday in a blogtastic sort of way,” I tell you.

Uncle Mike,

Happy birthday!

I am so very happy that I get to be your niece.









I am also glad that I finally met you.


You are bomspicediggity dope. Boom.









I love you more than words could adequately or accurately describe.


I miss you like crazy.









Love, Your Kate.



The last day I spent in Washington.

Note: This post features the magicality of hover captions…

If you take your cursor and place it on the picture.

My last day in Washington (August 14th) was quite nerdtastic.

Uncle Mike picked me up. He got quite confused while he drove. Then I did a dance move that made him choke on his Pepsi and spit it out his nose.  Which of course made me laugh really hard…

After we had finally gotten to where we were going, (This included a few phone calls and checking the map in the door.) we parked and took some pictures. (What else would you do?)

We went to the EMP or Experience Music Project.

Coolest. Place. Ever.

Then came the Sci-fi museum.

Such fun it was.

Next came the gum wall. ’twas the most fun of all…

This was my adventure.

Then I went home and watched the news with my favorite Uncle Mark.

Then I went to the airport and flew home.

Finally, I would like thank my Washingtonian family.

  • Auntie Shawna
  • Uncle Mark
  • Auntie Kimber
  • Cousin Brandon
  • Grandpa Roger
  • Uncle Mike
  • Libby (Yes, I count you among the chosen.)
  • Uncle Randy
  • Lauren
  • Madeline
You guys are all so very fabulous and I miss you like a crazy person. Mayhaps I shall save up and buy myself another ticket to the SeaTac airport.