You’ve put on the clothes of two kingdoms

You put on My garment

To say you’ve adorned yourself in peace

But you layer on the garb of your oppressors

To keep you warm at night

You stand on the threshold of Dagon and Zion

You serve gods I’ve already put to shame

Holding loosely to me like a talisman—

A lover on a string

Calling me the likeness of a wooden pole

But haven’t I shown you?

Do you still not understand?

Haven’t I proven my greatness since Egypt?

Or have you again forgotten?

Wood will rot and rock will crumble

But you still lust after their abusive thrills

While telling Me you love Me

You’ve walked into your own fire

You’ve let your hands seek their own right and wrong

If only you would turn to see Me

If only you would let Me be yours

I am compassionate

Even Ninevah knows that

I’ll gather you in My arms

Lean into Me

Let Me sing you to sleep

Because I take joy in saving you

Give Me your burdens

I’ll restore you and add to you

Oh, beautiful daughter of Zion

I will be your King



We walk together
Joined at digits
Trudging and hiking
Braving the slopes
Bracing against the wind
Courageously stepping
From stone to stone
In the muddied rapids
Stirred up by miles
Blown about by distance
But we won’t get too cold
Our bones won’t freeze
Because we walk on
But we walk wrapped up
We walk wrapped up in love
And swaddled warm
By our Father who is Love


My name is Edom

I’ve lifted myself up

I’m a robber in a fortress

A bird thirsty for wars –

A predator exalted in my nest

My brother has fallen

So, laughter meets me on my mountain

I watch his destruction from my tower

And I lie in wait to show him his trouble

I abuse him for my wealth

Since he is weak and lame and empty

And his very heart has been pillaged

I’ll make him my target

Then go back to my mountain

And count up the silver

That makes way for tomorrow’s schemes


Edom, you are indebted

Your wealth is a sham

Your city gleams red

Built not on rubies

But on the blood of your brother

It glimmers not of gold, but of tears

You will pay your debt

You will fill the hole the same way you dug it

Your fortress will fall

Your haughty abode will catch fire

And thieves will plunder your lust

Your mountain stands no more

In its place stands another

A mountain called deliverance

A mountain called holy

“And the Kingdom will be the Lord’s”



My heart is combustion

My bones ache

Comfort me

Understand me

Find patience for me

Remind yourself of me

For, I took your name

I ate up your words

And made them my oasis

In the den of my solitude

Your passion became my own

I watered myself with you

But now my skin cracks and bleeds

My tongue is thick for lack of quenching

But I don’t lack the taunts of those I love for you

I squabble with my brothers for a living

Oh, protector!

I’m broken shards because of you

How long will I be torn apart?

How much longer will these gashes stay open?

Come along

Speak My piece

Walking with Me

They’ll fight

I’ll fortify

We’ll keep walking

They won’t win

I will loose the binds

I’ll unshackle

I am Salvation

Walk with Me


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He is the helper of my daily unbelief

My hourly falling

The filler of my spirit’s hunger

He fills me with wonder that I couldn’t conjure

He alleviates the poverty of the street rat that is my heart

I wander around and search for answers

I scramble for control

I’m desperate to know I’m right

Desperate to know I’ve walked more correctly

As though I can assemble hope myself

As though I could die for my own sins

I listen to too many voices

They get cacophonous and I can’t sort them

One tells me I’m wrong

Another tells me I’m right

A third tells me it doesn’t know

And still a fourth tells me I’ve got no time

My mind gets stuck and can’t escape

My heart is clouded by the noise

It’s got trouble travelling through the fog to Mt. Zion

It has difficulty feeling home

Lord, speak to my thoughts and heart

Let your heartbeat be my own

Fill me with wonder and love and hope

Speak to me above the noise


Stability and protection are fitting for Him

As are love and hope and peace

Because He pours Himself out on broken pieces

And quenches a parched, cracked land

Though your pain is deeply felt

Find His song of joy

Our salvation is here

To hold and to share

And in graceless days

It gives power to rejoice.


The miracle of Jesus

Of His death and resurrection

Is the unity and interdependence

Of a people seeking their own

Through Him they are edified

Through Him they build a new Babel

And because He is the cornerstone

What the people build is good

As they build towards heaven

They are strong

But it isn’t like the last attempt

This time, they are strengthened

By the hands of brothers and sisters

And all are rooted in the cross

Planted in the empty grave

This new Babel stands tall

And reaches ever to the love of God

This restored temple is how it should have been

We are the redeemed

And we are taking Babel back for our Father




I wish it weren’t true

That wherever I am

There I am too

I wish it could be said

That I’m not always followed

By the thoughts in my head


My ideas have great elocution

But they’ve no resolution

I wish they’d lead to absolution

Instead of prostitution to myself.


Wish I could escape the drought

But at the same time

Not take the easy route

Wish I could carry only me

But somehow

That wouldn’t make me free


My ideas have great elocution

But they’ve no resolution

I wish they’d lead to absolution

Instead of prostitution to myself


I feel out of place on this campaign

Too self-centered to be ever free of stain

Thinking only I should gain

Though my life to yours pertains

Don’t want what once was my pain

To force my bruises to remain

I just want tangibility to sustain

Though I know what kept me sane

Is also what I can’t contain


How truly human am I

Scraping my skin with pottery

Sitting in the dirt uttering sighs

My friends tell me which way to go

To fake the path till I find my way

But friends, that’s not the way I know.


I feel you stalking me
Always behind me
Waiting to attack
And steal my purpose

I feel you waiting
To come out of your hiding
To paint me blue
And push me down again

You fiend! You terror!
How dare you race my heart?
You think you’re big enough
To steal away my breath

I feel you coming
But I won’t let you take me
I won’t cave to your persuading
‘Cause I’m bigger than you



I carry Your presence on my shoulders
I carry Your presence in my heart
I carry Your presence in every part of me
Because You desire to dwell
In the midst of
Your glory cannot be confined
To a temple
Or a cart
Or a box
Or a church
Or a long practiced tradition
Your glory is too huge for that
Your glory fills the earth
The world is Your tabernacle
Your glory fills us
Our hearts are Your temple
So we will dance
And offer ourselves
Because our kingdom will always be defeated
But Your Kingdom
Your beautiful Kingdom lasts forever
Without Your presence
Everything is meaningless
So we will worship
We will stand in awe
And experience You
And lift up Your presence.
We will wait in the Selah
The silence
Because we know You will move
You will bring Your victory
And we know You will quietly speak
So here we are
We are listening
Here we are
Willing to be Your priests