My Pop

Often I am baffled that God has given me such a wonderful Father. There are not words that I can come up with that will adequately express how much he means to me… and frankly, I think if I tried, I would end up frustrated.

Sometimes I find myself laugh-crying all the time because of things he has said… And sometimes I find myself pondering deeply the things that he has told me.

Knowing that I’ve got a Pop who loves his family and who adores Jesus is such a blessing to me.

Thanks, Pop.

[Yes, this was sappy cheesy, but I think I’m allowed to be sappy cheesy every once in a while.]



My Pop is the absolute best!

Today I had a dentist appointment. After the dentist appointment, I helped him work at the farm. I picked some tomatoes, some peppers, and some eggplant. I also planted beets, zucchini, and squash.

Pop has an after farm tradition.  Farm work means cream soda.

This cream soda: 

Today was absolutely no different. Pop pulled into the Greenwood Gourmet Grocery. We went inside and got our cream sodas. As we stood at the counter, waiting for our items to be checked out, I happened to spot this.

“Look, Pop!” I said, “Oatcakes! I think we need a picture!”

Pop: (Picks up package, turns it over in his hands, places it on the counter. Smiles warmly at me.) “Only so you can get a picture.”

“Thanks, Pop!”

Then the lady came and checked our items out.

Then Pop and I walked out of the store laughing about the how the drunk man had only gotten one pocket’s worth of his change. (It’s okay, you don’t actually have to understand…)

I just ate my oatcakes. They were fabulous.

Thank you, Pop! I love you!



What more can be said?

Dear Pop,

I did one of these posts on your birthday… I’m going to take advantage of Father’s day to tell you once more how awesome you are.

You are the best Pop I’ve ever had. You are always there to poke fun at me… and all my weird tendencies.

I enjoy being there to laugh at you and all your insanity.

You make me laugh on a regular basis…. I think I’ll stick around a little while longer.

Oh. Yeah. I love you!