Prom:The finished product.

You wanna see some pics? Of course!

My Favorite Dylan-brother ever

My pseudo-cousin Joe

The three of us together

I love this picture of Dylan and me

The pattern image vs. the finished product.

The whole effect

If you missed anything here are links, starting at the beginning, that will take you through the process.


Prom Dress Prose

Our Prom Dress Tweetage

Our prom dress progress:

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Doesn’t it look wonnerful?(As my niece would say)

The pictures do not actually show the finished product… No one gets to see that until some time between the 29th and the 30th… It could possibly be the 1st… In any case… No one gets to see the finished product till after my prom. Ok. I lo

Prom? I guess…

My sister Phebe is lovely. She can sew like nobody’s business. She made her own wedding dress. Anyways, my homeschool co-op is having a prom this year. Phebe offered to hand craft my dress. I accepted her offer. Here is the beginning of the project:

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