Prom 2012

[For any of you that were wondering, Phebe made my dress again this year.]

Prom this year can be summed up in two words unforgettably remarkable.

My ‘escort’ (Because I am old fashioned like that) was my very good friend Ben. We did all the fun cool prom-like things like boutonnieres and corsages.

We posed for some pictures

And then my mom made me pose for some more.

Then we went out to eat at the Flaming Wok where Ben tried shrimp for the first time. (Yes. I was very excited.)

From there we were chauffeured in my Pop’s oh-so-elegantly-classy mini-van to the Catholic church. (Because where else would homeschoolers have a prom?)

After that, we danced the night away, and had a darn good time doing it.

It was a super awesome special night that will be hard to forget. (Hopefully I won’t get hit on the head by a rock and get amnesia.)

Ben, thanks for making prom so awesome!


Prom Limitations.

I keep meaning to post this and then I forget about it.

This is a list I sent to my friend Chase who was my ‘escort’ to the prom. (yes I am a bit old fashioned… But I am okay with that.)

Note: The following is an interview of necessary inquiries that must be posed to the Williamson paterfamilias and materfamilias concerning their progeny, Frederick Charles Williamson, as to what is and is not felicitous pertaining to the up and coming social phenomenon to which we refer as prom. Please note that responses to the following investigation will determine the course of action that Kathleen Elaine O’Neill may pursue in preparation for the aforementioned social phenomenon.

  1. What manner of raiment will Frederick Charles bestow upon himself? Ex. Tuxedo. Slacks, suit coat and tie. Overalls accented with corncob pipe, cowboy hat and garden galoshes.
  1. Would it be, as directed by authorities, permissible for Frederick Charles Williamson to accompany Kathleen Elaine O’Neill to dine, meaning to partake in a meal, prior to the said pretend social event? Locations encompass and are not limited to the following: Local restaurants, cafes, bistros, hotdog stands, dumpling shops, and the Myhre domicile.  (Please note: All parties involved have taken into consideration the tender age of Master Frederick. Therefore, this inquiry is necessary to determine appropriate activities, behavior, and outings, considering the friendship of the two individuals involved.)
  1. Will the recognition of the tradition of gifting floral adornments be embraced? Ex. A completely masculine boutonnière to accent the lapel of one Master Frederick’s jacket or other such torso raiment. Please note: Kathleen O’Neill would prefer feminine floral adornments be worn on the lower extremity of her arm while still located above the hand.
  1. In regards to the matters of transportation and chaperoning the pre-event dining and transportation to and from the said social engagement. (This refers to the outing, not in any way to the precursor to matrimony.) Options of chaperone supervision include the following: _Kathleen’s paterfamilias and materfamilias, _both, Kathleen and Frederick’s paterfamilias and materfamilias, or the paterfamilias or materfamilias of both parties.

Answering this inquiry in a timely fashion will help both Kathleen Elaine O’Neill and the heads of her household to expedite preparations for this social phenomenon to which we may also refer as prom.

Note:  Kathleen Elaine O’Neill is highly honored with the privilege of attending such a prestigious event with Master Frederick Charles Williamson. Her excitement is due to the fact that Master Frederick is capable of carrying on intelligent conversation, of fostering friendship, and of creating an atmosphere appropriate for laughter.

Yes, I agree. I am a big, fat, giant, enormous, nerd.

Hey, call a spade a spade. (I always call him that.)

I want your opinion…

The weekend

What a crazy crazy weekend I had.

Friday, as most of you know, was the day of the HOME-SCHOOL prom.

Definition of Home-school prom: A night where a bunch of unsocialized home-schoolers get together and pretend to have social (and dancing) skills.

Note: For those of you who actually have social and/or dancing skills, you are a minority.

Home-school prom was such a new thing to our area, that it was on the news. Click here to see us in our home-schooled glory.

All in all, the prom was an absolute blast. We home-schoolers know how to have fun and don’t care who’s watching us while we do.

Friday night, I went to bed at about 12:30 AM ish.

Saturday morning, I woke up around 5:00 AM ish.

I was going hiking! DUH!  What else are you supposed to do the day after your prom?

We (The ccCville youth group) hiked Old Rag Mountain. Don’t ask me who named it because I don’t know.

The first little bit of the hike was absolutely killer. My favorite part, though, was the rock scramble. It was so much fun. It was like a big giant puzzle… You had to figure out how to get from one rock to the next. The whole hike was completely worth it once we got to the summit. It was beautiful!

I sat down on the rocks. I looked out at the sky and the clouds and all the stuff that was so far away that it looked like it was from a world of little dolls. I wrote some poetry up there on the top of the mountain.

The hike was very very refreshing.

Sunday, I woke up on time. That almost never happens.

I got all ready for church. I headed out the door.

My sister-in-law, Lindsey, came to church with her little boy, Elijah and her brother Michael.

After church, Lindsey, Phebe, Jim, all of their offspring, Michael, and I picked up Sticks.(Haha that’s funny.)Not literal sticks… Sticks Kabob Shop makes yummy food.

After getting our food. We headed to Phebe’s house.

We ate our food, Jim bought polyester pants, Michael and I hung out, and we all just had a genuinely enjoyable time.

That was my weekend. Ta-da!

Prom:The finished product.

You wanna see some pics? Of course!

My Favorite Dylan-brother ever

My pseudo-cousin Joe

The three of us together

I love this picture of Dylan and me

The pattern image vs. the finished product.

The whole effect

If you missed anything here are links, starting at the beginning, that will take you through the process.

Prom Dress Prose

Our Prom Dress Tweetage

Our prom dress progress:

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Doesn’t it look wonnerful?(As my niece would say)

The pictures do not actually show the finished product… No one gets to see that until some time between the 29th and the 30th… It could possibly be the 1st… In any case… No one gets to see the finished product till after my prom. Ok. I lo

Prom? I guess…

My sister Phebe is lovely. She can sew like nobody’s business. She made her own wedding dress. Anyways, my homeschool co-op is having a prom this year. Phebe offered to hand craft my dress. I accepted her offer. Here is the beginning of the project:

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