The miracle of Jesus

Of His death and resurrection

Is the unity and interdependence

Of a people seeking their own

Through Him they are edified

Through Him they build a new Babel

And because He is the cornerstone

What the people build is good

As they build towards heaven

They are strong

But it isn’t like the last attempt

This time, they are strengthened

By the hands of brothers and sisters

And all are rooted in the cross

Planted in the empty grave

This new Babel stands tall

And reaches ever to the love of God

This restored temple is how it should have been

We are the redeemed

And we are taking Babel back for our Father



Redemption Is Mine

Lost completely in your love
Held tightly in your arms
I’ve begun to find
That redemption is mine
The seeds you plant and water
Show the ways you’ve kept me safe
Show me that I’m blind
Now redemption is mine
For you I’ll live forever
For the glory of your name
I’l break the daily grind
For redemption is mine!