A constant cry

My cry will rise to the heavens.

My constant cry rises

To you only, my Lord

My constant cry rings

The same way that You do

My constant cry remains

That You are so good

My Abba is faithful

A firm, solid rock



Mighty He stands —

Unmoving, and true

Though storms shake the world

Though the trees thrash about

Though I cannot stop these forces

You dwell in the midst

You bring peace in the chaos

And life to the fallen

My Abba is good

Holds the weak in His strength



His purpose eternal

Undeniable, and whole

Come, let’s worship our Abba

For His justice and love

He is our redemption



Existing beyond

Universe and thought


Redemption Is Mine

Lost completely in your love
Held tightly in your arms
I’ve begun to find
That redemption is mine
The seeds you plant and water
Show the ways you’ve kept me safe
Show me that I’m blind
Now redemption is mine
For you I’ll live forever
For the glory of your name
I’l break the daily grind
For redemption is mine!