And I love her so…

You wanna know something? I miss my auntie Shawna in a crazy kind of way… I think of funny stuff that she would appreciate, like the fact that her cat chewed my headphones or the fact that everyone is jealous of my boots. I’m gonna tell you some of the stuff I like about her. (there isn’t room for all of it.)

She gives great hugs. 

She kinda (a whole lotta bit) sassy-fun. 

She is one of the funniest people I know. 

She isn’t afraid to have some fun. 

She’s stylin’! 

I freakin’ love my freakin’ auntie Shawna. Don’t you freakin’ forget that.

Okay pumpkin?





I thought that you all would like to know that today is Uncle Mike’s birthday.

“What does this mean?” You ask.

“This means that I get to tell him happy birthday in a blogtastic sort of way,” I tell you.

Uncle Mike,

Happy birthday!

I am so very happy that I get to be your niece.









I am also glad that I finally met you.


You are bomspicediggity dope. Boom.









I love you more than words could adequately or accurately describe.


I miss you like crazy.









Love, Your Kate.



The last day I spent in Washington.

Note: This post features the magicality of hover captions…

If you take your cursor and place it on the picture.

My last day in Washington (August 14th) was quite nerdtastic.

Uncle Mike picked me up. He got quite confused while he drove. Then I did a dance move that made him choke on his Pepsi and spit it out his nose.  Which of course made me laugh really hard…

After we had finally gotten to where we were going, (This included a few phone calls and checking the map in the door.) we parked and took some pictures. (What else would you do?)

We went to the EMP or Experience Music Project.

Coolest. Place. Ever.

Then came the Sci-fi museum.

Such fun it was.

Next came the gum wall. ’twas the most fun of all…

This was my adventure.

Then I went home and watched the news with my favorite Uncle Mark.

Then I went to the airport and flew home.

Finally, I would like thank my Washingtonian family.

  • Auntie Shawna
  • Uncle Mark
  • Auntie Kimber
  • Cousin Brandon
  • Grandpa Roger
  • Uncle Mike
  • Libby (Yes, I count you among the chosen.)
  • Uncle Randy
  • Lauren
  • Madeline
You guys are all so very fabulous and I miss you like a crazy person. Mayhaps I shall save up and buy myself another ticket to the SeaTac airport.

Uncle Marky Mark.

Dear Uncle Mark,

Here are some facts about you:

You like love cookie dough. Yesterday was your birthday. You love the show big brother for its brain-deadness and you are holding your breath till the next episode airs. You are also a member of the clean plate club, frequently eat every thing on your plate, and encourage me to do the same.

A fact about me:

I love you!

A tourist.

Yesterday, Uncle Mike picked me up and took me to do tourist-y stuff in Seattle. The fact that I remembered to bring Becky made the day all the more exciting.

First, we went to the Columbia Tower.  We were not allowed in the bathrooms with the panoramic view. We were told that we shouldn’t even try, so we didn’t. Stupid Columbia Club.

After seeing the tower, we headed over to Ye Olde Curiosity Shop.  Dorkalicious fun happened there.

Then we sat in traffic for a while.

Then we picked Libby up. I still think she’s fun. Libby, Uncle, and I went and got authentic Chinese food. I was too busy eating to take pictures. It was freaking amazing!

After that, we went to Kerry Park.  Let the pictures speak for themselves.

Pike Freakin’ Place!

Oh, Hi! I’m just in Washington State. Yeah… It’s super fun.

Today I hung out with my Mom, My aunty Shawna and my aunty Kimber. I am pretty much having a ton of fun.

I took pictures. Have a look. Amen.

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