The baby sis.


The Work Crew

My sisters are strange. So are their friends. For fun, they go out in the hot sun and build things in the woods.

Lately, it’s been a treehouse.

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The weekend

What a crazy crazy weekend I had.

Friday, as most of you know, was the day of the HOME-SCHOOL prom.

Definition of Home-school prom: A night where a bunch of unsocialized home-schoolers get together and pretend to have social (and dancing) skills.

Note: For those of you who actually have social and/or dancing skills, you are a minority.

Home-school prom was such a new thing to our area, that it was on the news. Click here to see us in our home-schooled glory.

All in all, the prom was an absolute blast. We home-schoolers know how to have fun and don’t care who’s watching us while we do.

Friday night, I went to bed at about 12:30 AM ish.

Saturday morning, I woke up around 5:00 AM ish.

I was going hiking! DUH!  What else are you supposed to do the day after your prom?

We (The ccCville youth group) hiked Old Rag Mountain. Don’t ask me who named it because I don’t know.

The first little bit of the hike was absolutely killer. My favorite part, though, was the rock scramble. It was so much fun. It was like a big giant puzzle… You had to figure out how to get from one rock to the next. The whole hike was completely worth it once we got to the summit. It was beautiful!

I sat down on the rocks. I looked out at the sky and the clouds and all the stuff that was so far away that it looked like it was from a world of little dolls. I wrote some poetry up there on the top of the mountain.

The hike was very very refreshing.

Sunday, I woke up on time. That almost never happens.

I got all ready for church. I headed out the door.

My sister-in-law, Lindsey, came to church with her little boy, Elijah and her brother Michael.

After church, Lindsey, Phebe, Jim, all of their offspring, Michael, and I picked up Sticks.(Haha that’s funny.)Not literal sticks… Sticks Kabob Shop makes yummy food.

After getting our food. We headed to Phebe’s house.

We ate our food, Jim bought polyester pants, Michael and I hung out, and we all just had a genuinely enjoyable time.

That was my weekend. Ta-da!

Girly girls being all girly and junk.

So… Last Friday, April 22nd, I got to get all gussied up. After I got all gussied up, I went, with my mom and two of my sisters, to a ballet.

WARNING: If you are a boy the next few moments will be completely irrelevant to you. If you want to stop reading now, I will forgive you.

Here are a list of events.

  1. We all got dressed up.
  2. We left the house about ten minutes later than intended.
  3. Headed downtown.
  4. Walked through the rain.
  5. Bought cute flowerdy umbrellas at a cute little store.
  6. Walked through the rain under the new umbrellas.
  7. Made it to Hamilton’s in time for our pre-ballet dinner reservation.
  8. We sat next to cute little middle aged ladies who were also going to the ballet.
  9. My mom almost burned the restaurant down with only an empty sugar packet and a small candle.
  10. We took pictures of stuff.
  11. Received and ate foodstuffs. (Fettuccine for dinner. Chocolate Many Ways for dessert.)
  12. Reapplied lipstick.
  13. Headed to the loverly Paramount theater.
  14. Sat in awesome seats and watched women in tutus and men in tights jeté gracefully across the stage.
  15. Walked back to the car (It was still raining.)
  16. Drove home very very happy.

Now it’s time for pictures… You get to see how cute we are.

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Sunday Thoughts — Resurrection Sunday Edition.

I have many Sunday thoughts. This isn’t solely based on the fact that is Easter. Many things contributed to my thoughts today.

  • This morning I woke up with this line in my head:

“His dying breath has brought me life.”

Stuart Townend is a fabulous song writer, in case you were wondering. Anyways, those lyrics were stuck in my head all morning. Of course it would be one of the worship songs I did not have on my iPod and of course I had no time to listen to the song on youtube before I left for church. Oh woe is me. (But not really)

These words bounced around in my head all day. They are still there at this moment. Then my sister shared a testimony today at church as part of our super cool Easter service. It got me thinking a bit more. After church more thoughts were brought to me. My brother asked if I would hang out with him while he did something so incredibly sweet for his girlfriend.

All of these things got me thinking about family and what an incredible thing mine is.

God took broken people from broken families and made something incredible.

Without Him, we are all like broken shards of glass, laying around,  being useless, and causing deep wounds. He takes us and puts together all of our pieces. He makes a mosaic — something beautiful.

In my family, he took this:

 7 broken people

2 more broken people.

And created the thing I consider my greatest blessing.

A family -- pieced together and made whole.

His dying breath has brought me these:

  • Redemption
  • Family
  • Security in who am I am as a person and who I am in Christ
  • Strength that could never have been my own mustering.
  • A desire to serve.

All these are my life.

A Walk in The Woods

Today I woke up and came out of my room. Upon doing so, I saw that it was not only a very beautiful day but also more green than it has been for a very long time. (It was winter, in case you were wondering why it wasn’t green.)

I took two of my younger sisters on a walk in the woods. We had a picnic and took pictures.

Here are a few of them:    

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Prom Dress Prose

Our Prom Dress Tweetage

Our prom dress progress:

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Doesn’t it look wonnerful?(As my niece would say)

The pictures do not actually show the finished product… No one gets to see that until some time between the 29th and the 30th… It could possibly be the 1st… In any case… No one gets to see the finished product till after my prom. Ok. I lo


Today was quite eventful.

I was awaked this morning by my father. I had neglected, yet again, to set my alarm clock back to the correct time.  It went a little something like this.

Pop: “Get up! We are leaving at eight to go work on the farm.”

Me: Manual labor? Yay!  (Or something like that)

I got ready… French braid and all. (Phebe and Hannah, I know they scare you…)

Eight eventually turned into eight thirty…

We, my three sisters, my brother, and myself, all climbed into the van ready for a fun day of work out at Uncle Mike’s house.

We got there and were assigned jobs. I got to rake… (notice the word ‘got’) I love working. 

So, after leveling mulch, first around some fruit trees, then around raspberry bushes, I put my tools away.

Hot dogs for lunch… Martin’s Potato rolls are the bomb, in case you were wondering.

After lunch I cleaned their kitchen… (I bet everyone just died of shock.) After I cleaned, we left. We drove home.

When we got home, I took a shower and cleaned all the dirt from under my fingernails. Then I had to decide what to wear.

Purple Old Navy Skirt + Old Navy stripy shirt = Fabulosity.

I got all gussied up…………. and went to a nursing home… (Ha! Anti-climactic)

I sang… and talked to old people… and ate cookies… and drank Kool-aid.

Then we drove home again.

I walked in the door and was greeted with a “Katie, will you make salad please?”

I made salad. Then I cleaned my room and talked on the phone.

Then we ate dinner. Chicken Pot Pie! Then I cleaned the kitchen. (Please. Would you stop fainting?!)

Then I talked on the phone some more.

Then I played Bananagrams. My best word was ‘haywire’ Then I sat down and wrote about my day.

You exhausted yet? Yeah, me neither.


I have a friend named Maddie. I kind of stinkin’ love her a lot. She came and hung out with me and my anti-social-homeschooled-weird-self this weekend. And yes, I am still surprised she puts up with me.

Look! We're friends!

I love her.

She brought her camera with her. Her camera is magical.

See? Magical...

I was her model.

We had a blast.

Here are my 3 favorites.

I look tall.

This tree was the best!

Forsythia headband

Prom? I guess…

My sister Phebe is lovely. She can sew like nobody’s business. She made her own wedding dress. Anyways, my homeschool co-op is having a prom this year. Phebe offered to hand craft my dress. I accepted her offer. Here is the beginning of the project:

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