Skype and Facebook come in Handy.

Teen Missions International is a wonderful place to make friends. The only problem with making friends on a T.M.I. team is that the majority of the people you meet live in other states. This, my friends, is where Skype and Facebook (and sometimes Twitter) come in handy. Last night, I was Skyping a girl from Alaska (Becky) and a girl from Florida (Ally) at the same time. The three of us met on a team to Australia…

Over the past few months I have really reconnected with Becky. This is how it began. One night we had spent almost 30 minutes talking on the phone when her mother reminded her that long distance rates apply on their phone plan. So we stuck to Facebook and twitter for  further communication. Then, I discovered the fact that she had Skype! So we Skyped. (DUH! It is a verb!)

Our Typed conversations.

Then, a few weeks ago, Ally emailed me. I was delighted to hear from her! Then Becky informed me that Ally possessed all the magic and wonderment that is Skype. Ally and I talked for almost 2 hours and would have talked longer if we both didn’t have to go.

I remembered how much I love these two girls. I remembered how we had connected so well even though we were little creepy 12 year-olds. (Girls, I’m sorry if that is offensive… I am just remembering how obnoxious I was.)

I absolutely cannot express enough how strong and lasting the bonds of a Teen Missions team are.

I was able to pick up right where I left off with both of those girls. It is such a joy to see how both of them have grown and matured.

Becky and Ally, I love you both so much!


I have friends…

I have made many friends over the years going on trips with Teen Missions. The bonds I have formed on the mission field are much tighter and stronger than most friendships I have ever been a part of.

This is all fine but that’s when I remember that all of these friends live in different states.

^ This is Monica. ^ This is me.

I met her on my trip to China this past summer.  She lives in Indiana. I really miss her in a terrible sort of way.

I would like nothing more than to buy these for her:

Plane tickets

Monica, I love you… A lot…