And I love her so…

You wanna know something? I miss my auntie Shawna in a crazy kind of way… I think of funny stuff that she would appreciate, like the fact that her cat chewed my headphones or the fact that everyone is jealous of my boots. I’m gonna tell you some of the stuff I like about her. (there isn’t room for all of it.)

She gives great hugs. 

She kinda (a whole lotta bit) sassy-fun. 

She is one of the funniest people I know. 

She isn’t afraid to have some fun. 

She’s stylin’! 

I freakin’ love my freakin’ auntie Shawna. Don’t you freakin’ forget that.

Okay pumpkin?




Adventures with Uncle Platinum.

Last night, I went to Zumba class with my Uncle Mike’s insanely fabulous, super cute,  lady friend. She’s very cool and has an awesome tattoo on her upper arm.

If you know me, you also know that  I lack coordination. If you do not know me, I am as coordinated as a mismatched pair of socks.

After Zumba we went and got Filipino food.

This is the ever so famous Uncle Mike. We were being ever so dorkalicious.


This is us deciding what pose to strike next.


Libby: "The look of disdain on her face makes this picture so much better."


This is Uncle Mike being excited about food... Mostly the meat.


This is kind of dramatic, a bit mysterious too.