She's sunshine and roses
She's flowers and rainbows
She's 'Katie let's go!'
She's the spiderman princess
She's the sparkle master 
She's the smallish blonde one
She's my Wember-Lolly

Prom Dress Prose

Our Prom Dress Tweetage

Our prom dress progress:

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Doesn’t it look wonnerful?(As my niece would say)

The pictures do not actually show the finished product… No one gets to see that until some time between the 29th and the 30th… It could possibly be the 1st… In any case… No one gets to see the finished product till after my prom. Ok. I lo

It’s starting to look like spring.

My sister has beautiful children. Yesterday, because it was so beautiful out, I had to photograph one of them. It was a longing in my soul. (That’s an exaggeration, but you get the point.)

I took little Wemberlolly outside.

Here is what happened.

"Look, Katie! I'm up here!"

I get to be her aunty!

So pretty

"I wanna give the flower to my mommy."

She's holding her dress up so it won't get dirty.

Cuteness personified

I think she was telling me about the flower behind her ear.

Don't you want to squeeze her?

She is sooo dang cute!

This reminds me of Fancy Nancy.

"Look! A tree! It's over there!"

I like shadow pictures.

If you give a little girl a flower...

"It's for boys."

Mom's tulips