Things my OCD has accomplished and pictures I took to prove them.



Today was quite eventful.

I was awaked this morning by my father. I had neglected, yet again, to set my alarm clock back to the correct time.  It went a little something like this.

Pop: “Get up! We are leaving at eight to go work on the farm.”

Me: Manual labor? Yay!  (Or something like that)

I got ready… French braid and all. (Phebe and Hannah, I know they scare you…)

Eight eventually turned into eight thirty…

We, my three sisters, my brother, and myself, all climbed into the van ready for a fun day of work out at Uncle Mike’s house.

We got there and were assigned jobs. I got to rake… (notice the word ‘got’) I love working. 

So, after leveling mulch, first around some fruit trees, then around raspberry bushes, I put my tools away.

Hot dogs for lunch… Martin’s Potato rolls are the bomb, in case you were wondering.

After lunch I cleaned their kitchen… (I bet everyone just died of shock.) After I cleaned, we left. We drove home.

When we got home, I took a shower and cleaned all the dirt from under my fingernails. Then I had to decide what to wear.

Purple Old Navy Skirt + Old Navy stripy shirt = Fabulosity.

I got all gussied up…………. and went to a nursing home… (Ha! Anti-climactic)

I sang… and talked to old people… and ate cookies… and drank Kool-aid.

Then we drove home again.

I walked in the door and was greeted with a “Katie, will you make salad please?”

I made salad. Then I cleaned my room and talked on the phone.

Then we ate dinner. Chicken Pot Pie! Then I cleaned the kitchen. (Please. Would you stop fainting?!)

Then I talked on the phone some more.

Then I played Bananagrams. My best word was ‘haywire’ Then I sat down and wrote about my day.

You exhausted yet? Yeah, me neither.

How I feel about work…

The sun blazes on my pale skin

Turning it an ugly red

But I keep going

I like the way it feels

To force my shovel into the hard ground

It soothes my racing mind

To tame the unkempt earth

Sweat pours down my face

But I don’t wipe it away

It reminds me that I’m working

Reminds me to finish strong

My muscles burn

My body’s tired

But I don’t give up

I push myself to go on

And only when they say,

“You’re done.”

I pack it up and head for home.