I feel so close to tears

But I just ┬ácan’t make them come

I feel on the edge of slumber

But I cannot fall asleep

Where will I find the balance

Where to find equilibrium

My heart cries out

For something so much more

Something that is found in surrender

A thing discovered

Upon fully letting go

Letting myself fall

Trusting You to catch me

Knowing you’ve got perfect timing

You are the great rhythm.


What say you?

I need an opinion, peoples! Please! I implore you! Help me out!

Looking ahead.

I’m gonna look ahead

I wanna see what’s coming

And see?

The future looks bright

I’m gonna look beyond

I’m gonna move on

Well, as best as I can

Please bear with me

I’ll do my best

I want to come to terms

With myself

And then some.

But, the future’s looking bright

I won’t need my winter coat

Or a torch

But I may need sunscreen

‘Cause I burn real bad

Because the future looks bright

And even moreso

When I forgive.


You can't hear me
'cause I'm sad
I'm beaten down
I've been broken

You can't see me
'cause the paint that makes me show
I scrubbed it all off.

You don't know me...
No, not really.
If you did
Well, you would know
Exactly where I'm hiding

You can't see my anger
You don't know my pain
You aren't aware of my sadness
Don't know if you ever will

I wish you would see
I mean, really see
But you can't right now
Maybe I'll wait
And wait
And wait
And wait around
Until you find me here
Where I've always been